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Furusawa Retirement Because Rossi Has Gone

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Yamaha boss, Masao Furusawa, disclose the reasons why he took the decision to retire. People who have enormous influence in the success of Yamaha in the MotoGP arena, said the departure of Valentino Rossi to join Ducati in the 2011 season a major factor in his deciding to quit.

It is undeniable, Furusawa is the "brains" of the success of MotoGP Yamaha to rule in the last seven seasons. He started an era of success when the hook Rossi of Yamaha Honda team at the end of 2003, and since then Yamaha transformed into the most respected teams.

The proof, they successfully brought Rossi won four world titles, and last season's turn Jorge Lorenzo who continued triumph of "The Doctor". In fact, Lorenzo appear very dominant and record history by creating the highest point in the history of MotoGP.

Furusawa, however last month announced that his retirement. The news was not too surprising, because it has had time to calm the issue. It also (news Furusawa retirement) which triggers Rossi to lift the foot of the Japanese team, and off to Ducati.

However, the MCN Furusawa revealed the reason he chose to retire. Men born in Kyushu, Japan, February 17, 1951, said that Rossi's departure a major factor in him deciding to quit, despite Yamaha's senior management had tried to convince him to survive.

"I actually really wanted to ask Valentino to retire with us and become ambassadors Yamaha for the future. But he changed his mind. MotoGP is very pleasant for him but I've decided to quit.

"If Valentino decided to stay with Yamaha, I would probably stay for two more years. But once he decided to go to the Ducati, I immediately decided to quit.

"I received several requests from the President of Yamaha to continue to survive, but I need time to enjoy my life. I still would have a position at Yamaha for another year as an adviser."
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